Assembly | Develop, select, equip

It is time to bring everything together in technical production: image, sound, lighting, set design, decoration, signage, streaming, virtual reality, kinetics, video, simultaneous translation... We provide solutions for all areas in the development of an event, but for us, the important thing is not just having the best and latest technology on the market, but being able to use it and adapt it to each event.


We design the scenery and the set; we select the most suitable materials and textures, we arrange and install the technical equipment chosen, we take care of all the necessary complementary activities and add that "final touch" that characterizes us in all the details to make each assembly - your assembly - into something unique.


From the integral approach we adopt in our work, we always take care of the general co-ordination of the whole production, managing and supervising the correct execution of all the tasks and responsibilities previously assigned.
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